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So last night I typed “The End” on the first draft of the third and final Grayline Sisters book.

It was a strangely emotional experience.

I’ve been working on pieces of this universe for about six years, now, and the Grayline Sisters books in particular for about three. This was planned to be a trilogy for a while, so I knew that this was the end of the series. I had to wrap up a lot of plotlines, and bring the overall story arc to a close.

So I wrote the Cool Scenes I wanted the book to end with, and I wrote the sad scenes as well. And after I typed “The End” I just sort of sat there, feeling like someone had abducted my kitten.

I think it’s going to be strange and difficult, this process of letting these characters and this world go. I don’t intend to revisit them. What’s done is done.

But I did actually finish it, and I’m sort of proud of that. I mostly like the way it ends, and though the draft needs a ton of work I think I did all right.

Some technical stuff: This draft was very short, only about 58,000 words. That is extremely short! But my drafts tend to add about 30,000 words between first and final, and this one felt like it could stand to add even more than that. I’ve been writing it for a little less than a year–I created the file back in July–but I didn’t seriously get moving on it until about five months ago.

General Updates

THE FALLEN STAR (Grayline Sisters #3) – First draft complete!
THE SEEKER STAR (Grayline Sisters #2) – In production!!! Looking for late summer/early fall release.
WAKING GIFTS (Extrahumans #4) – Working on this again after a long hiatus.

Short stories: I’ve got three short stories coming out in various places during the late spring/early summer! So watch this space.

There’s other stuff going on, too, but that’s what I can actually share so far.

Finally, after what’s felt like way too long, we’re back on the book release train.

THE SEEKER STAR is coming out later this year!

Here’s the blurb:

Find your sisters, Violet.

So said Aunt Melody, but Violet Grayline knew it was impossible. Marta and Beth had disappeared at the end of the Haven War, leaving their middle sister alone in their harsh homeland of Gideon. No one knows where they went, there’s no trail to follow, and Violet keeps getting warnings to forget all about it.

Violet’s going after them anyway. She won’t let threats, the meddling of the alien Abrax, strange portals to other worlds or even her own planet’s government stop her.

After all, what does she have to lose? Her husband didn’t want her, her country turned its back on her, and everyone seems convinced that she’s nobody.

But if there’s one thing governments, generals, aliens and priests will learn, it’s to never, ever underestimate Violet Grayline.

What will you give up to change the world?

I’ll be honest–this was one of the hardest books to write that I’ve ever done. I changed its concept completely, had major surgery while I was struggling with the first draft, and just about drove myself around the bendiest of bends trying to shape it into something I could be proud of.

But I did. Readers, this book sings to me. I think you’re going to like it, and I can’t wait for it to get to you. Right now there’s no cover, no release date (we’re planning for the latter half of 2014) and pretty much nothing else. But it’s gonna happen. Violet Grayline’s story is gonna be a book.

I am so damn relieved I could cry!

I will have LOTS more announcements about this one as they happen.

There’s about a month left for Hugo voters to nominate works for the 2014 Hugo Awards, so I thought I’d remind everyone what works of mine or works I’m in that are eligible!


Best related work: QUEERS DIG TIME LORDS

It would be extra cool if QUEERS DIG TIME LORDS got some recognition, it is a fantastic collection of amazing voices.

So there you go!

I’ve got one up at Jim Hines’s blog about being trans and looking for representation in SF/F.

I also have a post up at the Candlemark & Gleam blog about language in science fiction–and why universal translators start to seem like a cheap trick.

Go check ‘em out!

Here’s what’s going on with me lately:

It’s been a while since anything of mine’s come out, but that will be changing in the spring. Be on the lookout for pieces of mine in War Stories and Strange Horizons, and hopefully a few other places as well that I can’t talk about yet.

As for books? Well, I’m still hoping that THE SEEKER STAR, the second Grayline Sisters book, will be out sometime this summer, but as is often the case with small presses that can change. I’ll keep everyone up to date as I get more information.

I’ve been busy with writing the first draft of THE FALLEN STAR, which is the third and final Grayline Sisters book.

After that? I think I want to focus on writing some good short fiction. I have ideas for the big project I want to tackle next, but I want to try and get better at short works in the meantime.

As always, you can find my weekly Connecticut politics column over at CT News Junkie, and if you’re in the Providence area this coming weekend, stop by this cool event!

When I write I like to leave notes for myself. I use the comment function in Word for this, and by the time a draft is finished I’ve usually left a few hundred notes. Some of them are quite helpful reminders about plot or character, some of them are musings on where the book is going, and some of them are just me enjoying the chance to troll myself.

Here’s a few I’ve used while writing THE SEEKER STAR and THE FALLEN STAR (Grayline Sisters #2 and #3, respectively).

Note: Some of the images are NOT LARGE. Click on them to embiggen.

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Hey Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts! I’ll be appearing with a bunch of other amazing writers at an event in Providence on February 15! Here’s the details:

Trans Authors Read! Special event in Providence, RI
Saturday, February 15
7:00 PM
186 Carpenter Gallery and Performance Space
186 Carpenter Street
Providence, RI

I’ll be there with other amazing writers like Imogen Binnie, Red Durkin, Elliot DeLine, as well as Topside Press editors Riley MacLeod, and Tom Léger! If you’re in the area, stop by!

Here’s the FB event page. Hope to see you there!

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